A message from the director

"Most of my childhood vacations were spent in a brown, two-tone minivan with my family, traveling to wherever we were going. Most summers we would take the eight hour car ride from Houston to Atchison Kansas, where my Grandpa still lives. I'll never forget the feelings I had as we got further into Kansas, the smells from the air would change as we'd pass hundreds of corn fields. We would always stop in a town called Independence and we'd all pile out of the van and go play on this epic jungle-gym, nothing like we had at school in Houston."

"Every time we pulled up in my Grandpa's cobblestone driveway, I would jerk the sliding door open as hard as I could and my brother and I would take off running towards the hay bales that sat on a hill next to his barn. We would explore for hours until we were forced to come in for dinner. My Grandpa is an interesting man in real life, he had this unique ability to tell his grandkids these wild stories, while also keeping us terrified of him for the most part, at least for myself. I remember over dinner one night, I must have 5 years old, he starts telling us the story about a Native American, Indian Smokey Joe, that lived at the creek behind his house. He went into insane detail so naturally, I was completely captivated. He would tell us to go down to the water and look for Joe's arrow head, in retrospect I think it was his way of getting us out of his house all day."

"My brother and I would walk this creek bed for hours looking for any remnants of Smokey Joe. It use to be heavily populated by Native Americans and I do remember a couple times we came across an arrow head but no Joe. I remember being scared of the creek, wanting to see Smokey Joe but at the same time feeling petrified. It was a great time to be a kid and spending summers there was something I'll always carry with me. The movie is very nostalgic to me and hopefully anyone else who's spent time in rural America or listening to the Grandparents stories. I'm putting all the feels into this one and I'm so excited to share this with the world."

- Bryan Casserly